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360° Assessment

People fail to develop when they lack of self-awareness. This is tricky, because most of the time, people are willing to know (what shall be improved), however the trick is that they often don’t know what they don’t know.


As an experienced professional offering 360° assessment feedback, I can support all along the steps of the development process: from helping your business increase self-awareness among your employees to implementing any development plans


Need Definition and Alignment

Example: Together, we identify a set out of the most relevant competencies for collecting constructive feedback that meets the job’s challenges and expectations.

360° feedback are often associated with personal questioning and I support with a communication plan. A consistent and transparent communication is key and integrated in my professional ethics. Along with it comes the clarity of the expected results and preparation interview(s) when applicable.



I selected a tool from a leader in the market: VOICES® is a 360° feedback assessment tool vended by KornFerry/Lominger. VOICES® is a competency-based instrument enabling learners to discover their blind spots, to identify any recognized strengths as well as development areas, and sometimes point out the so-called "derailers".

I adapt my processes up to my customer’s needs and I deliver them within an agreed schedule.


Providing Feedback to Learners

When provided with the highest standard of sensitivity and confidentiality, feedback becomes an enabling factor in the learning process, because it brings Awareness and activates Emotions. I have significant experience in providing feedback, assuring my customers the most constructive impact, lightening fuse for change!


Setting up an Individual Development Plan 

Creating awareness is not sufficient for significant change to happen, and often busy managers struggle with the question: What do I do now that I know? The feedback session is a critical moment, since emotions colors awareness. Emotions are recognized by neurosciences as an important factor of change. Having an external and neutral expert supporting this sensitive feedback step increases success in reaching an expected situation.

The learner can be coached in the process of establishing a sound development plan in a neutral place. Development happens more when the learner is the owner of his/her plan.


Flexibility and Adaptation to my Customers

The few steps described above provide an idea of my methodology,

but I remain flexible and to adapt my  services to my customer's needs/existing processes.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information or if you wish to share about your needs.

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