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It comes as no surprise that the world is changing at high-speed: globalization, matrix organizations, distributed expertise, big data, overly-connected people and organizations with a urgent need for innovation. In this VUCA* world, we are required to always let go what we think we already know and develop a new and different relationship with things!


With the constant evolution, developing people remains crucial; as crucial as hiring the right people and finding those with the ability to learn and adapt: people gifted with “Learning Agility”.



We are certified to apply the following instruments and capable to embed them into existing corporate processes, helping to select and develop employees, while  supporting a common language.


  • 360° Feedback - Lominger VOICES® - for people who need to increase self-awareness by understanding how others perceive them, to identify learning priorities and to establish a sound development plan.  More about 360° feedback tools


  • Learning Agility  - Lominger tools measuring the ability to learn from past experiences and apply the learning to new and different situations (also an indicator of potential).


  • Communication Styles - Succes INSIGHTS MDI® - TTI: This instrument provides a personality profile, based on the behaviours. It is regularly applied in team development (teambuilding) as well as a any initiatives aiming at growing awareness, sometimes combined with a coaching or a training.

To support your efforts, we provide   a panel of psychometric solutions and high -impact learning actions based on leading research. 

We like to provide case-by-case guidance about which tool is most relevant to the situation.

Our work ethics is important! We empower people in becoming the drivers of their own development and/or supporting their employee’s growth.


For that, it is key to choose the best channels and assess the value-proposition of  learning efforts.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or if you wish to discuss your current projects/needs.



*VUCA has become a trendy managerial acronym: VUCA, short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and a catchall for “Hey, it's crazy out there!”


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