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Is it your intention to take your team to the next level?

A huge variety of teambuilding methods exists out there, offering poor to excellent results. Most take place in a different environment to the workplace and the team’s challenges can be experienced in a sort of neutral “lab” where solutions can be discussed with hindsight.

We facilitate Teambuilding sessions with the principle that it’s not sufficient to have fun outdoor activities to help teams increase their cohesion, work on their values/mission, or fix their current challenges. To design effective

sessions, we compile exercises and tools (awareness instruments) and our academic knowledge. We have no ready-made recipe, instead make our proposal on how to work on each team's challenges, once we have had a chance to understand the situation and expected results.



These are some typical situations for which a teambuilding event is worthwhile:


  • Team awareness: when the team is forming, team members don’t know each other well –communication is not yet effective, this may cause some waste of time, energy, etc.

  • Clarity: the team doesn’t fully understand its purpose and its members’ roles in the big picture – productivity remains low

  • Climate: Conflicts arise when dissensions occur over basic missions – Individual differences may not yet be understood

  • Buy-in or Alignment on operating procedures and processes – when missing, this often causes disagreements and delays

  • Operations: Team members often take too long to define how they are going to accomplish the job together and to find smooth operating rules.

  • Development: When a team is doing well, but its members become satisfied with "well", although they could reach excellence – Endorsing a learning mind-set and developing a critical, out of-the-box thinking is the next step for which they should stive. This would help to place them in a competitive position in their market!

We switch between our skills (trainer, coach) when we facilitate a group session. When relevant, we integrate some tools to support the awareness process (INSIGHTS personal styles, 360° assessments, Belbin). We are equipped to select among a variety of activities, creating a new environment and fostering constructive solutions.

Corporate Sailing Teambuilding - sample programme

If you need to choose the best channels to develop your team, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or if you wish to discuss your current challenges.

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